Yamaha Portable Generator 1,000-Watt #EF1000ISC

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This inverter version of Yamaha's 1000 watt generator is great. It is super quiet, super light and seems to run forever on a tank of gas. I don't really understand this "inverter" technology, but it is obviously the future for generators. Apparently this generator has a "brain" and gears up or down to only produce the amount of power called for. It is really cool. I also have Yamaha's bigger inverter model, the 2800 watt. We had 2 screwguns, a 500 watt light and a radio on the 2800 watt and it was barely breaking a sweat. This 1000i is the little brother to that great generator. It's worth the few extra bucks it cost over the traditional 1000 watt generators.

I suppose the "inverter" term here refers to the fact that the generator actually generates DC current (which you can use via its 12V DC output a la vehicle cigarette lighter); this probably keeps the generator quiet and relatively low weight. Then, a built-in inverter converts the DC to AC, so you can power common household appliances.

The two-year warranty is nice. This is a good, affordable portable generator good for the occasional emergency. If you've got more money, go with the 2400-watt model (EF2400iS) which has more applications.

I have had this generator for 2 years now. The power here in mid maine is not too terribly reliable. Since I have purchased this generator, I have had a much better time when the lights go out. The small size and weight also mean that when its time to go out for a tailgate party I can bring the Blender, a fan, lights, radio, and a crock pot. People walking by just cant believe there is a generator running and powering all these things, yeah its quiet, even less noise than the Honda 1kw inverter gen. (This generator was the quietest generator on the market 2 years ago.)

When the econo mode switch is on it is incredibly thrifty on gas. Just think it only has a 0.6 gallon fuel tank, and it still lasts all day long on one tank of gas.

Last Night we lost power yet again and I had my trusty Yamaha powering the following load, 2 25w compact florescent lamps, cpap machine, 5000btu window AC unit, IBM Laptop, and a 12" tornado fan. Just a note, I start the AC first and then set it to lowest temp to keep the AC compressor from cycling, Then I add other loads. The Generator cant be in the econo mode when starting big surging loads like an ac unit. Even with all this stuff running the .6gal tank will go all night long. I did set the econo mode switch to on last night and the generator throttled down to match the load. I was surprised that the generator wasn't actually at full power with all that stuff on.

The best reason to get one is that its Blue, oh and its the best 1000w generator there is. Sure its pricy, but the quiet operation, fuel economy, portability, will having you smiling every time you use it. I will however probably get a cheap 3-5kw generator to do grunt work like power the fridge and the well pump when needed and then turn that one off and enjoy having the clean quiet power this generator provides.