Generator Inverter Digital #66587 Kipor 1000 Watt

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New model IG1000 portable generator inverter (used to be KGE1000Ti) Rated Frequency (Hz): 60; Rated Voltage (V): 120; Rated Current (A): 7.5; Rated Rotation Speed (rpm): 5500; Rated Output Power (W): 900; Max. Output Power (W): 1050; DC Output: 12V-8.3A; Electric Circuit Breaker: Available; Phase Numbers: Single phase; Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 2.6; Rated Continuous Running Time (hr): 4.2 to 16; Noise Level [dB(A)/7m] (Zero Load): 54 ; Noise Level [dB(A)/7m] (Full Load): 59; EPA Certified Engine - 55cc OHC, single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, low emission; Sinemaster digital inverter generators are approximately 50% smaller and lighter than traditional generators because the alternator is directly connected to the engine, and the flywheel is therefore eliminated. The voltage is constantly adjusted to maintain at 120V by the computer inverter module. The light weight design makes them ideal for transportation. Sinemaster digital generators are equipped with the unique smart-throttle. It can automatically regulate the engine speed according to the load, so the fuel consumption of digital generator sets is 20%-40% lower than traditional sets, so the running time is therefore much longer as well. The noise level is further reduced at lower running speeds. Sinemaster digital inverter generators have a new two-tiered noise dampening system, so the noise emitted by these generators is 6-9 dB less than traditional generators. This translates to 4 to 8 times quieter than conventional generators. A 3 dB drop in noise level represents the half amount on the actual noise. This meets the new noise ordinances that some state and national parks have adopted. 2 years national warranty on parts and labor.