Bi-Fuel Standby Generator with 100 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch #40236 Briggs & Stratton 15,000-Watt

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Provides maximum home standby power. Unit exercises every 7 days to ensure readiness during a power outage. Runs on gas. Engine: Vanguard 895cc, Rated Watts LP (kW): 15,000, Rated Watts NG (kW): 14,000, Surge Watts LP (kW): 18,500, Surge Watts NG (kW): 17,500, Volts: 120/240, Start Type: Automatic, Phase: Single, Noise Level (dB): 65, Transfer Switch: Yes, Fuel Type: Liquid Propane or Natural Gas, Enclosure: Yes, Battery Required: Yes, Battery Included: Yes, Auto Shutdown: Low Oil,, Safety Alerts: Fail to Start, Engine Overspeed, Low Frequency, Low Voltage, Low Battery, High Oil Temperature, Dimensions L x W x H (in.): 48 x 33 x 30 1/2

I purchased this home standby generator(HSBG) just in case we get hit by a hurricane which is not too farfetched on NC's east coast. Anyone who purchases this HSBG or any other should be certain to get quotes from a licensed electrician and your gas company. I failed to do this and was suprised at the cost! Electrician...$1000. 125gal. in ground propane tank + install to HSBG...$1230. Yearly service contract on HSBG...$400/yr(electrician works for a company that sells and installs generators). So do your homework!

The first thing I noticed about the unit was it's build quality. It definitely looks the part of a piece of heavy duty equipment! Although, the package came with a 100 amp transfer swith I sold it and purchased the B&S 200 amp w/ACCM switch because my house has a 200 amp panel box in the garage. The 100amp would have worked but, the electrician would have had to add a "piggyback" box...more labor cost. Once the unit was installed the electrician "killed" the power to the house and in about 10 secs. the B&S started without a hitch! It's loud outside, more like swirling wind, but inside it's not bad at all. My home has 2 2 ton units, but the electrician did not wire the B&S AC control module because it required a little more labor and really wasn't needed. Once it started he told me to turn off the upstairs unit, but for about 5-10 minutes it was running both with no apparent strain. He programmed it to "exercise" every Saturday @ 12:45pm. Like clock-work it fires up everytime and runs for 20 minutes...no effects to the home's power.

Although, the total cost of the unit, 200 amp switch, install and service contract was about $8200 I feel satisfied with the purchase because so far it's donw what it was advertised to do. But, the real test will come when we there's a hurricane. That's when the "rubber meets the road"! To date I have no doubts that it will perform...NICE UNIT!!!