Standby Generator Guardian QuietSource 16,000 Watt

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This 16,000 Watt generator (16LP/15NG) works as advertised, handling the full load of starting a 3.5 ton A/C, hot water heater (heating), electric range top (2 burners on) , electric oven (on at 350 degrees), microwave and all lights in a good sized home, when fully broken in. It's improved capacity (over the 15,000 Watt model being phased out) can start up a 5-ton a/c unit or two (2) 4-ton a/c units.

This is more load than I need it to do, in actual usage, and it handles it just fine.

This is for light home/small business generating work, perhaps running 10-14 hours a day with full load for several weeks a year, longer hours with 1/2 load, and changing oil and filter more often than yearly to be real safe...Obviously your mileage will vary, and ask the dealer if another larger one is for you if you need more steady high loads. It's rated to last 3,000 hours.

Be aware that it does need a ~$60 battery, 8 foot grounding rod, two quarts of synthetic oil, and a replacement generac oil filter to get you started and through the 4 hour break in period. Caution: the maximum ambient temperature is 104 degrees...do not operate it in temperatures higher than this!

If you are looking to use generator for home use after a hurricane, flood, snowstorm or similar long power outage, this is good for you. The aluminum housing is going to last longer than steel in wet/salt air regions. My neighbors had the earlier 15,000 watt versions running during the weeks without regular power after hurricanes in Florida, and the generators performed without problems. (A year later, one steel enclosure is starting to rust a bit, sometimes it may be worth the extra money to get the optional aluminum housing instead- just depends on your climate).

There are some significant improvements in the whole set up for the 16 kWh over the prior 15 kWh (besides getting a somewhat quieter engine, ability to run more air conditioning capacity,and add a few more circuits). Two separate electricians who have installed many units, said that this newer 16,000 Watt was WELL worth the extra money.