Portable Generator 5,550-Watt #30241 Briggs & Stratton Power Products

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With 5,550 running watts and 8,550 starting watts of reliable electrical power, the Briggs & Stratton Power Products 5,550-watt portable generator has you covered when the grid doesn't. Powered by a 10 HP Briggs & Stratton OHV Engine that is engineered to give you longer life, longer running time and reduced noise, this portable generator offers up to 13 hours of runtime when operated at half its output capacity.

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With five convenient outlets protected from the elements by a durable weather-protected panel, you can easily hook up TV's, stereos, coffee pots, heaters, laptops, and more. An internal power surge alternator will help to give you peace of mind by protecting your valuable electronics.

portable generator

The generator's 10-inch "never flat" wheels, along with its lightweight 163-pound design, mean that you can easily move this generator as your power needs demand. And the generator's patented Super Silencer muffler eliminates sparking and makes this generator quieter than any in its class, so the conversation inside isn't drowned out by the noisy machine outside.