Portable Generator #01933 6,500-Watt 13 HP Briggs & Stratton

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First and foremost, you should know this Portable generator is a solid unit. As you can see from the picture it has a tubular full metal frame. One of the small details that's hard to see unless you check in person, is the metal gas tank and metal gas line fitting. The competitor models we considered in the same price and output range had plastic gas cans and plastic fuel line fittings.

The engine is a great b&s overhead valve which will make it last longer and run a little quieter. The tires are the non-inflatable variety (a plus in my opinion) but give enough to keep the assembly from vibrating.

We're using ours with an installed outdoor plug and indoor manual switch. It works flawlessly and runs the lights in our kitchen, the stove (up to 2 elements at once), the coffee maker, fridge, furnace and if we turn the stove off, the microwave. We could run the microwave and the stove together but it nears peak output so we play it safe.

This is a great generator that runs well. And if you're wondering, the reason a metal gas tank and fittings is important is the long term storage of fuel in the generator. Even using fuel additive you can get varnish/residue build up. A metal tank and fuel line fitting can be removed and cleaned with harsh chemicals to make short work of it. Supposedly plastic tanks also allow water in via osmosis but I have not experienced that myself.

Our power goes out frequently in the winter and we've wired this unit to our house for backup. It has paid for itself now and some of our neighbors have also been ordering theirs. Not as noisy as most generators.