Solar Battery Charger Coleman CL-100 Solar 1.5-Watt 12-Volt

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Designed to protect against natural battery discharge and electronic drain in cars, light trucks, vans, ATVs, PWCs, small boats, snowmobiles, riding mowers, tractors and SUVs, the Coleman solar 1.5-watt 12-volt battery charger sends a constant maintenance level charge to the battery to insure against dead batteries. The solar charger provides an immediate charge when exposed to daylight, even on cloudy day. The charger is plug-in-play compatible for quick connections, and a cigarette lighter adaptor and a battery clamp are also included with the panel. The charger is backed by a 2-year warranty.
What's in the Box: Solar panel, cigarette lighter adapter, battery clamp connector, instruction manual, and a set of mounting suction cups.
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Solar Battery Charger Details