Portable Inverter Generator Magna 2700 Watt Remote Electric Start (Can Start RV Air Conditioner)

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This is digital inverter generator with new Remote Start and Electric Start. It is one of the kinds and the first one with electric start and also remote start for a portable generator. You also save over 40% of fuel cost compare to use traditional generator of the same size due to its variable engine speed technology and lighter weight of the alternator. It is brand new in box and in stock ready to ship. It is also the most powerful portable inverter generator and with pure sinewave output.
This generator is save to sensitive electronics like personal computer and communications devices. Magna generators are state-of-the-art power generators. They are small, efficient and quiet operation, these generators will run longer and cost you less while providing the best power output in the industry. It had been selling in Europe and Asia for a while in the 220V market.
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It is a very good quality generator in compare with Honda and Yamaha. With the extra wattage to power the RV AC, it is the best portable generator on the market for 5th wheels and travel trailers. Remote start and stop (push the start button on the remote twice very quick to start and push and hold stop for 1 second to stop), range is 100 feet in open and 50 feet inside the vehicle. Rated frequency (Hz)- 60Hz Rated voltage (V)- 120V Rated current (A) - 21.6A Rated speed - 900 RPM to 5000 RPM Rated output power - 2,600 Watts Max output power - 2,700 Watts DC output - 12V-8.3 A (charging cable included) Phase number - Single phase Fuel tank capacity - 1.75 gallons Continuous running time(hr)(rated output) - 4.0 hrs. all full8 hours at 50% load Noise level[dB(A)/23 feet](zero load/full load) - 54dB at idle, 59dB at full load, Overall dimension (in) - 22" Length, 11.5" Width, 20" Height Dry weight (lbs) - 76 lbs Engine type - Single cylinder, 4-stroke, OHV, gasoline engine Displacement (cc) - 150 cc EPA certified