Pocket Power Portable Power (Power on Board Rechargeable Pocket Power)

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This is a sweet and useful little product that will give you emergency backup battery time. Compact and lightweight, the Pocket Power is a portable, rechargeable battery pack that provides power on the go for today's busy lifestyle. These are some of the actual results I've obtained: 1.5 hours of actual use time with a PDA plugged in via the USB port. The Pocket Power doesn't like my Samsung SCH-U740 mobile phone, and won't work with it. 1.5 hours of actual use time with a smart phone, also plugged in through the USB port. The product manufacturer's claims about six hours of charge time are, in my experience and opinion, greatly exaggerated. You can also plug in electronic items that work with a standard US two-prong wall plug.

Pocket Power Portable Power
Portable Power Details

With 20 watts to power/recharge AC and USB devices, you never have to worry about being slowed down to power up from a wall outlet again. Pocket Power powers/recharges personal electronics simultaneously. This device will work on most any type of cell phone, BlackBerry/PDA, MP3 player, digital camera, camcorder, CD player and more Pocket Power is compact and lightweight, weighing less than a pound and fits in your pocket. Battery status LED lets you know the condition of the battery Provides up to 6 hours of extended runtime (runtime varies).