Solar Controller Battery Charge Monitor Brunton 12-Volt

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Switch to solar power without overcharging your 12-volt batteries with this Brunton Solar Controller. The compact unit--which can handle up to 100 watts of solar power and 7 amps of array input--connects on one end with up to five SolarFlat 15-watt solar panels, five SolarRoll 14-watt panels, or three Solaris 25-watt panels, and a 12-volt battery on the other. Once connected, you can charge your 12-volt battery nonstop for days on end without damaging the battery, as the Solar Controller will continuously monitor the charge and cut it off when charging is complete (as indicated by full battery indicator). In addition, the Solar Controller will maintain the battery in its fully charged state, so when you do finally unplug the monitor, the battery is ready for immediate use. Compatible with 10-watt and larger solar panels, the unit measures 3.8 by 1 by 2.7 inches, weighs 4.2 ounces, and is backed by a one-year warranty.

Solar Controller Battery Charge Monitor
Solar Controller Battery Charge Monitor Details


asiaeast said...

I have one and it works fine. I link together two Solaris 6 panels, which gives me around 12 to 14 watts. It's not much over the minimum limit, though. This unit won't work with smaller solar panels. They say you don't need to monitor when charging small batteries, like AA/AAA. I know with my ipod, for example, there is a cut-off built in to it, which will stop the flow of incoming electricty when the battery gets full. This unit is simply in use and application. If you want something with more feedback - something that will tell you more about the state of your batteries - look for something more expensive.