Solar Deep-Cycle Battery Charger Coleman CL-300 Solar 4.5-Watt 12-Volt

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Perfect match for maintaining batteries in cars, recreational vehicles, SUVs and trucks. The Coleman Solar Charger CL-300 protects against natural battery discharge and electronic drain. The Coleman Solar Charger provides immediate trickle-charge when exposed to daylight, even through windows or windshield. Coleman Solar Charger CL-300 can also be used to charge small electronic devices such as GPS and cell phones.

Solar Deep-Cycle Battery Charger

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Coleman solar 4.5-watt 12-volt deep-cycle battery charger keeps the 12-volt batteries in the vehicle charged so you can run small appliances such as fluorescent lights, GPS devices, coolers, small TVs, or laptops. The solar charger provides an immediate trickle charge when exposed to daylight, even on cloudy day. Illuminated LEDs lets you know the panel is charging, and mounting screws are included if you choose to fix the panel near a constant sunlight source. The charger is plug-in-play compatible for quick connections, and a cigarette lighter adaptor and a battery clamp are also included with the panel. The charger is backed by a 2-year warranty. (A charge controller is recommended when using this device to charge delicate electronics).
What's in the Box: Solar panel, 10-foot power extension cable, cigarette lighter adapter, battery clamp connector, instruction manual, and 4 mounting screws.